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Acumen covers laboratory sales jobs in a number of different markets. We operate across the life science, diagnostics and chemistry laboratory sectors and recruit general and specialist laboratory sales jobs within them.

Life Science Laboratory Sales Jobs

The Companies we work with sell products into all life science laboratories.

Disciplines include cell biology, virology, microbiology, immunology, and the largest sector molecular biology. These markets support a range of laboratory sales jobs. Some companies would sell into all of these markets with less specific products such as pipettes or centrifuges. Others recruit for laboratory sales jobs that are very specialised, and target just one sector, for example, cell signalling test kits and reagents. The customers are primarily in research laboratories.

Molecular Laboratory Sales Jobs

This is the largest sector within the life science market. Again, sales are primarily to research laboratories. Still there is significant variety in the types of laboratory sales job offered: Some companies specialise in selling high value equipment and offer only a few different products; others sell nearly all reagents and kits that would be sold into a molecular biology lab.

Pathology Laboratory Sales Jobs

In this sector laboratory sales jobs usually split into different disciplines, and products are sold primarily into the NHS. Many of the companies in this market are large enough to have several sales forces, each focussing on a different type of laboratory. The main disciplines are: clinical chemistry (biochemistry) & immunoassay, haematology; microbiology; immunology; serology, virology & blood transfusion; histology & cytology. Laboratory sales jobs in the pathology sector range from solution selling of large systems and their associated reagents to niche sales more specialised instruments or diagnostic kits.

Chemistry Laboratory Sales Jobs

This market is geared more to commercial laboratories - ranging from research to quality control - focussing primarily on the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries. Most laboratory sales jobs in this sector involve selling high value instruments, and consequently it is a hard market to enter as a trainee.

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