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Psychometric Profiles for Laboratory sales vacancies

There are no right or wrong answers to these. They are tools used by the interviewer to give a measure of your personal traits and individual abilities. They may be used to guide the interviewer in the type of questions to ask you during the interview.

When completing a profile for a laboratory sales vacancy do not think too deeply about your choice of answer - choose the answer that you instinctively feel is more you.

You are usually asked to complete these in relation to your character at work, yet the type of job you do can often affect your behavior in the work environment.

For example, if you are working in a lab where you have to do everything following standard practice guides, you may not be able to show your natural initiative or imagination in this role.

So whilst answering the psychometric, think of yourself in the laboratory sales vacancy that you are applying for i.e. if you are applying for the position of laboratory sales person, think of yourself as a highly successful laboratory sales person!

You can try a free psychometric test, in conjunction with

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